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Oh, if life were only more unpredictable…

I’ve said many times over the past year or so that when it comes to building our dream house, nothing will surprise me. I’m almost expecting the worst, so any bump in the road is met with anything but surprise. Nope, no surprises here.

Oooh, Nelly. I was WRONG.

We convinced the city council to approve our plat. We talked to three different banks before finding financing. We even had a fire. (Haven’t mentioned that one before. Could’ve been much, much worse. Ended up just burning off a lot of brush)

But getting one week away from closing on our financing and thus being able to start moving dirt – and then finding out that we no longer have a builder?


Technically, we do have a builder. But we’re not convinced that we would still have a builder before the house is actually finished. Which could create a bigger problem than not having a builder a week before starting the house. Which means we need to back out of our contract, lose our earnest money, and find another builder. Preferably today.

Small setback. Little bit of a delay. OK. We can deal with that.

Interestingly enough, I’m quite calm about the whole thing. It’s frustrating – yes. Disappointing – sure. But I feel like I threw my tantrum last spring, got through it, got over it, learned my lesson about trusting God even when I have no clue what He’s doing, so I’m able to handle these little setbacks with a small measure of grace and peace.

Never mind that I’d still love to heap some burning coals upon the head of our builder. Or chuck them at his head. Either way. But I’m fine. Really.

Just another exciting day in the adventures of house building. Another of many, many, many days.


2 thoughts on “Oh, if life were only more unpredictable…

  1. Hey there! Hoping that the meeting with the builder went really well! I am hoping that this will be the last big hurdle and that now you will finally be able to get down to the really important things–picking the paint colors! One day we will sit on your couch in your beautiful house and it will all have been worth it!

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