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Making my (black)list and checking it twice

I know this shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone, but Target has had their Christmas decorations out for several weeks now, and Wal Mart is close behind. Our local light rock radio station normally starts playing 24 hours of Christmas music on November 1st, but this year they have mercifully decided to stream all the holiday music at their online station – at least for now. Gag me with a reindeer.

If you’ve been around me for the last couple of years, you know that the grand holiday season and I have not always been so simpatico. I do believe it was three years ago that the season had so overwhelmed and exhausted me that I purposefully dressed in head-to-toe black on Christmas Day, and all the decorations were packed away on December 26.

I learned my lesson that year, and we have taken very intentional steps to prevent a repeat performance. I make a detailed to-do list at the beginning of November and attempt to cross things off that list as soon as possible.

Let us not forget that this year, in addition to the holiday to-do list, we have the get-ready-to-sell-our-house list.

I am so determined not to wear black.

It’s gonna take some work.

Michael and I reviewed The Lists last week and decided that November would be the Month of Cleaning Out – so last weekend we tackled the boys’ closet (disaster) linen closet (couldn’t close the door without some serious shoulder) and the garage (could not walk through without risking a trip to Urgent Care). Check.

Next on The List was hiring someone to clean out the dryer vent. For the last, oh six months or so, the dryer was not doing its job.

Apparently, major appliances are not a friend of the Hunt family. At all.

We had it checked months ago, and the repairman said it was not the machine but the vent, but instead of simply calling someone to clean out the vent, we formed our own instant, short-term solution and disconnected the dryer from the wall, therefore bypassing the vent and letting all the hot, steamy air out into the utility room (along with an absurd amount of lint, which I have now learned is as much of a fire hazard as a clogged vent). We opened up the back door to (somewhat) direct the hot air to the garage while creating our own little homemade sauna. It worked for us. For six procrastinating months. Or so. I lost count.

But I’m almost certain that anyone wanting to buy a house would prefer a dryer vent that is, you know, functional.

So I went to my good friend, Google, and searched for someone who could skillfully and magically open up the gates and redirect all the hot air outside instead of into my utility room. I found this site on the list, and not knowing what else to do, clicked away. I filled out a short survey of what kind of job I needed done. I typed in my contact information. I clicked CONTINUE and read a message thanking me for using their website and assuring me I would be contacted by a qualified contractor.

I kid you not, my phone started ringing within two minutes.

It was kinda cool.

I set up a time with Vent Cleaner Guy to come the next week. Then I remembered that we have another little project on The List. We need a light in our under-the-stairs closet. I’m a little tired of having to use a flashlight to find my applesauce and juice boxes and paper plates.

So I went back to the Magic Website, filled out the survey, and waited for the phone to ring.

It did.

As I was talking to Electrician #1, my call-waiting beeped twice with other electricians vying for a job.

A girl could get used to this.

Dryer vent: check. Closet light: check.

Now to tackle The Christmas List.

Oh lordy.

We have a rough list of who we have to buy gifts for and what we’re planning to give them, and we have another list of honored friends and neighbors who will receive an assortment of baked goods.

I think that list is probably a little ambitious, but I was in a good mood when I made it, and I’m hoping that if I start baking next week, I might actually have enough for everyone.

(Don’t worry. The baked goods will be stored in the freezer, not growing mold on my kitchen counter. Actually, if they stayed on the kitchen counter, they wouldn’t have a chance in the frozen tundra of Australia to grow mold because my three little elves would devour them all, little by little, until they were all gone. And perhaps the big elves would too. Hence, the freezer.)

Last weekend, I went through all my holiday cookbooks and made a list of recipes and THEN made a grocery list of all the ingredients I will need.

Impressed? (Don’t be. It’s still in the form of a list.)

If I seem a tad Type A, it’s because I have to be. Otherwise, I will be breaking out the black turtleneck and pants in 7 ½ short weeks.


2 thoughts on “Making my (black)list and checking it twice

  1. Don't overdo the baking requirements! A card and a sentimental greeting is nice too! Bake if it adds to your fun during the holidays and smile and say Merry Christmas if that is what will make you happy! Deep breaths! Remember what this wonderful holiday is really about–not the cookies or the gifts and their pretty wrapping paper–the blessing we have in Jesus! He would never want you to feel such pressure to make the holiday perfect or to bake until your back aches! He wants you to be joyful! Let yourself be joyful! It is so easy to lose sight in this–I KNOW I do! Find your joy with your family and friends and let the rest go. Love ya! Gretch

  2. Way to go! I like Gretchen's advice … it made me say "oh yeah" a couple of times. I love the baking and wrapping and gifting and general Christmas chaos but definitely need to remember it's all about celebrating Jesus.Here's to your second annual non-black year!

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