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A builder and a foreman walk into a bar…

Hee hee.

Hee hee ha ha ha ha.



This is hysterical. You’re gonna love this. I can’t catch my breath because I’m laughing so hard.

Our foreman? The one who is overseeing the clearing of our land and tearing down the shed and bringing in the waterline and the driveway? All of which needs to be done really soon so we can get started on the house? That one?

He quit.


(Seriously, in this economy, who quits a job?)

(Besides our Builder #1. And technically, he didn’t quit. He just, you know, went bankrupt.)

If it weren’t so funny, I would throw a record-setting hissy fit right about now. But instead, I’m just laughing.

It’s so ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “A builder and a foreman walk into a bar…

  1. Seriously, I find this so refreshingly realistic to read… my husband, and orthopedic resident, and I want to build a house on a sizable piece of property when, ahem, we aren't broke. and in my mind, those days far away in the future, that will be "easy street" but then i read about your adventure in building and I think… maybe I am on easy street and just don't know it! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I agree with Randi! Stephanie–hold on tight! The ride might get a little bumpy! Jenn-you've had your share of really big potholes! Hopefully this and anything else that comes along (because you know it will)will be only small bumps!

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