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Breathing, baking, and a whole lot of FA-LIPPING random

It’s December, folks.

While I’m not wearing black (yet), it’s been a little busy. Last Sunday, I looked at my to-do list, then I looked at my calendar, then I wondered aloud (several times), “How in the world am I going to get all of this done?!?”


I didn’t get all of it done, but I did make a nice little dent. The rest of it will have to wait until this weekend – or next week. One thing at a time. That’s my mantra. The Christmas cards won’t be mailed when I’d like them to be, and I may not get to bake every recipe that I’d like to, but SO WHAT? I am only one woman.

Funny thing. Two years ago, my mantra was “I Am Amazing.” Last year, it was “I Am Only One Woman.” This year – especially recently – it is “One Thing At A Time.”

I’m seeing a significant regression here. Not sure what that says about me.

(But I don’t really care.)

Michael (forever the optimist) says that I 1) knew my identity, 2) knew my limitations, and 3) gained some perspective. Okay, we’ll go with that.

So the house. The land has been cleared, and the horrible, awful, smelly shed has been destroyed.

We met Superman (the builder) out at our land last week to decide exactly where the house will sit. I was running late, so Michael was already there talking to the builder and the construction manager when I got there. I walked up, and Superman looked at Michael and said, “So do you want to break the news, or do you want me to do it?”

I just rolled my eyes. Nothing could surprise me at this point.

“We need to flip the house.”

I laughed.

Basically, everything that was on the right side is moving to the left, and everything that was on the left side is moving to the right. Same house, just a mirror image. And the angle will be a little different – so now the driveway will come straight through where the shed used to be.

Not a big deal. We’ve endured much, much, MUCH worse. The biggest deal is adjusting our thinking when we visualize our new home. We’ve had these plans for TWO YEARS – which is a long time to visualize.

But here’s the really funny part. Let’s go back about two and a half years… Michael and I are talking, dreaming, planning. We have set up a couple of meetings with different architects about drawing out our house plans. We sit down with a blank piece of paper and roughly sketch out what we’d like our house to look like. I’ve known for a very long time that I want the garage to be close to the kitchen, and I want my office and the laundry room right next to the kitchen – but we can’t figure out how to make it work.

Then one morning, right before I wake up, I have a dream.

(Insert a chorus of heavenly host.)

In my dream, I am standing in my kitchen, and I see it. I vividly see exactly how it all lays out. So I wake up, and between throwing frozen waffles in the toaster and pouring glasses of milk, I grab the nearest piece of paper and sketch out what I remember from my dream.

Voila! We have a house plan. And the kitchen in this ethereal plan is on the left side of the house.

Not long after The Dream, we decided that we needed to flip the house plans to better fit the land. For the next two years, the kitchen is on the right side. And that’s how I have visualized it for two years. Two. Years.

So when Superman told me we needed to flip the house (I feel like I should say FA-LIP! THE! HOUSE!), I just had to laugh. Then I remembered the dream. Then I looked up at the sky, laughed again, and told God, “You are SO FUNNY!”

The really great part about the FA-LIP is that we will have a shorter driveway and have to take down fewer trees, which equals less cost for us. Cha-ching!

But all those pictures I took of “this will be the view from…”? Yeah, notsomuch.

In the meantime, Superman has to convince the city council that they should allow us to start building our house now instead of waiting for the completion of the common driveway (which will supposedly happen in February. Not counting all the El Nino rain). There’s a gravel drive that could be (and has been) used for bringing in all the trucks and whatnot, so it makes perfect sense to us that using this gravel drive instead of our brand-spankin-new, very expensive driveway is a logical option. But we all know how logical the city council has proven to be. Grumble, grumble, pout, pout. So – again – nothing will surprise me.

I think that’s about all for now. That’s all my December brain can muster for the moment. (Today I was baking the umpteenth batch of cookies, the timer went off, I opened the oven, and there were NO COOKIES inside. That’s about par for the course around here lately.)

Hopefully this weekend I can show you my cute little Christmas card holder with my hand-painted mini clothespins. It’s just precious. But not right now.

Merry Christmas, y’all.


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