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This is about all the crafty I can handle…

When I invaded Canton last fall, I found this very cool, very shabby-chic wall thingy.

(Which is its official name.)

I love it.

The inside of the frame looks like it is made from old coat hangers. It’s all twisted and curly-qued, and the paint is oh-so-artfully chipped and peeling.

It’s so cool.

And it is perfect for displaying Christmas card pictures:

Some of the twisty insides are perfect for tucking cards in – but some aren’t. The shop where I bought my little treasure had one of the frames on display with cute little clothespins clipping the pictures on.

So off I went to Hobby Lobby for clothespins and two bottles of paint. Back at home, Meghan and I went to town with the paint, a sponge brush, and the head of a straight pin:

Dab, dot, dot, dot. The dots get smaller with each application. Then we’d dab the pinhead back into the paint and repeat. Dab, dot, dot, dot.
It was a mother-daughter crafting bonding moment. Which will likely be repeated semi-annually at best.


PS: You may have to click-and-enlarge the following picture to fully appreciate the following story. This is a card from some dear friends of ours from our “team” (that’s another word for “adult small group,” which is a 21st century word for “Sunday schoo-el”). Danica is hysterically funny (I think it’s a prerequisite for being a member of our team) in a sometimes random, sometimes understated kind of way. She gave us their Christmas card last night when we all went out to dinner together, and all of us were crying because we were laughing so hard. Then as Michael and I were drifting off to sleep last night, without really meaning to but not being able to help myself, out of nowhere, I BUST out laughing…and scared the beejeebers out of my poor sleeping husband, who was now very much awake. When he inquired as to what in the down-under I was doing, I choked out, “I’m just thinking about Danica’s card!”


2 thoughts on “This is about all the crafty I can handle…

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