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The As-Close-To-Perfect-As-You’re-Gonna-Get Cutout Christmas Cookies

I’ve waited all year for this post.

I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s so amazing.

(I really like that word. I use it too much.)

It’s all about Christmas cookies. Of the cut-out variety.

I vaguely remember attempting these cookies with my mom when I was growing up. Several years ago, I tried them again. Every time, they were a mess.

Every recipe for rolled sugar cookie cutouts that I read instructs me to roll out the dough, cut the shape, then transfer the shape to the cookie sheet.

My gingerbread men ended up looking a little more like Shrek than I’d like, and my Christmas trees would look like a distorted something-or-other that closely resembled a Christmas tree, but not quite.

Whose bright idea was it to scrape up gooey raw cookie dough with a spatula and expect it to hold its form?

Hence, my amazing, brilliant idea.

Cut the cookies on the cookie sheet.

I’ll explain…

First roll out a small piece of dough onto your cookie sheet with a small rolling pin. I like the Baker’s Roller from The Pampered Chef because it’s all ergonomic and dishwasher-safe. I’m all for anything I don’t have to hand-wash. In any case, a small rolling pin will come in handy as you progress through this process so you don’t squish your already-cut cookies.

Next, place the cookie cutter onto the dough. Duh.

Then (this is a little bit important), wiggle the cookie cutter and remove the scraps of dough – but leave the cookie cutter in place. This way, the cookie holds its shape a little better.

Remove the cookie cutter. (I’m truly not trying to patronize.)

Repeat. And bake.…and decorate! This is the best part. We have a tradition in our house that we started a few years ago. Meghan invites a couple of her friends over for a Cookie Decorating Party, and they have a blast! They decorate my perfect Christmas sugar cookies with all kinds of icing and sprinkles and goop, then eat pizza and watch a Christmas movie. It’s so much fun…but they tend to get a little crazy with the icing:

…and then I send them home so their own mothers can deal with the subsequent sugar high, followed by the sugar crash and coma.

Happy baking!


5 thoughts on “The As-Close-To-Perfect-As-You’re-Gonna-Get Cutout Christmas Cookies

  1. As scary as it sounds, yes – I think someone did eat the crazy icing cookie! From what I remember, I think it took more than one sitting. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it!

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