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Holidaze and Vomit Comet Cookies

The shopping is done. The baking is done. The mailing is done. SCHOOL is done. The wrapping…is not done. But almost. So today we’re having a much-anticipated “pajama day” where we do not, in fact, change out of our pajamas for the entire day. (Except for soccer practice later this afternoon. That could cause just a little bit of humiliation.)

We’re finally enjoying a restful day after several weeks of semi-controlled chaos. Aaaahhhh. The kids have been playing Wii and listening to music (of the non-holiday variety) all day – after completing the annual pre-Christmas Cleanout, where we throw away/give away all of our unwanted crap in order to make room for a whole new supply of brand-new crap (which will inevitably land somewhere close to next year’s pile of unwanted crap). I tell them that we only have so much room for crap toys, so if they want new stuff, we have to get rid of some old stuff. It is a system that has served me well.

So while I’m sitting here at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in my pajamas and drinking Dr. Pepper and chatting with you while my kids alternately laugh together and kill each other while I blissfully ignore their shrieks of alternate laughter and pain, I thought I’d share with you some pictures from SugarFest 2009, aka the annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party.

We started this tradition a few years ago, and it is SO much fun! I bake perfect sugar cookies a few days before, buy a ton of sprinkles, make delectible Royal Icing with meringue powder that I’ve had for at least 7 years but doesn’t ever seem to go bad, then Meghan and a few of her friends sit down among the spread and have a super-giggly fun fest while they slather on (and that’s using a conservative term) the decorations.

Here’s how it went:

See? Perfection.

Here’s where I get artsty with my photographs. Or attempt to.


The green icing (made with a Wilton concentrate gel) was REALLY green:

This picture makes me so happy. Meghan and her friends laughed so hard!

Some of the more “normal” creations:
(look closely…the gingerbread man’s name is “Edward”)
You think this is a lot of icing?…
This was the most disgusting Christmas cookie ever created. They positively howled over this one! (The star cookie to the right shows you what is underneath all that icing. No, it’s not really vomit.)
Meghan’s reaction to the vomit cookie:
(since we know it is a star cookie, I suppose we could call it “The Vomit Comet”?)
Michael graciously took the boys out to dinner, so when they returned home, they got in on the tail-end of the action:

We had many cookies left over after the icing was used up (imagine!!!), so I whipped up a new batch of icing and made a few “pretty” cookies:

Those crazy girls!

Like I said, it makes me so happy that they are so happy. Not in a co-dependent, you-are-only-as-happy-as-your-unhappiest-child kind of way, but in a “I’m-so-happy-that-you-are-happy” kind of way. School has been such a source of frustration for Meghan this fall, and there are some huge changes on the horizon for her after the break…but for now, she’s simply enjoying being a 10 year old giggly, silly, goofy girl with equally giggly, silly, goofy friends.

And pajama days. We love pajama days!

Especially when there are lightly iced Christmas cookies involved.


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