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Another whole lotta random…but this time with coffee


Here I am. Apparently I survived the holidays. I’d love to say that I haven’t posted in 8 days because I’ve been so busy and active and doing things that are interesting and justifiably blog-worthy.

But no.

We did a whole lotta sleeping over the last two weeks. It took us several days to recover from the Christmas Eve fiasco. Then we just kept sleeping. It was rather nice.

In between all the sleeping and tv-watching and book-reading and Wii-playing, we did a little bit of celebrating.

Michael and I had our 14th wedding anniversary after Christmas. I was too naive and ignorant 14 years ago to know that marrying a soon-to-be doctor the week after Christmas would mean that 14 years later, he would be on-call and not walk in the door until 8:00 p.m. But it was really okay because we had more snow and yucky weather that night, and we were still too shell-shocked from our last ice adventure to want to leave our house and do anything.

(Weren’t we so precious?)

We hosted our third (I think) New Year’s Eve party. Twenty-three adults and 31 kids in my house. It was a blast. A very, very LOUD blast.

Nathan got a little crazy with the silly string. Or somebody else did.

We truly love hosting parties. Our friends seem to look at us with the baffled look upon their sweet faces, but for Michael and me, having 54 people in our home isn’t work. It’s more or less a calling. And as such, it is a joy.

My kitchen floor the next morning, on the other hand…not so much joy. But nothing that a broom, a dustpan, and a mop can’t handle.

In other news, I am officially a full-blown coffee addict. Or closely resemble one. I knew this to be true when I woke up one morning, didn’t want to get out of bed, but thought, “ooooh, I could make some coffee!” Then I got up. And made a cup of coffee.

The day after the day after Christmas, I made two trips to Target so the kids could spend their gift cards, and after looking blankly at the empty shelves that previously housed the Legos and singing Where have all the Legos gone? Long time passing… I wandered over to the coffee aisle with Griffin and his newly acquired Star Wars foam dart gun because there were no Legos and I found freshly ground coffee in a wide variety of appealing flavors and creamers on sale with names like Italian Sweet Cream, Belgian Chocolate, and Cinnamon Vanilla.

Just a side note here. “Air Soft Guns” will, in fact, shoot your eye out. Twice. Especially when my husband is on-call the day after Christmas. So why in tarnation I allowed my son whose father is a pediatric ophthalmologist to purchase a Star Wars foam dart gun with his Target gift cards is beyond me.

Back to the coffee.

I do love my coffee. More accurately described as milk with a dash of strong coffee and a lot of flavored creamer. But whatever. It gets me out of bed.

And speaking of getting out of bed, we had to this morning. At 6:30 a.m. Which is a whole lot earlier than 9:00 a.m. Which is when I would roll out of bed for the last two weeks. To get my coffee. With steamed milk and creamer.

We made it, though. School is back in session, and we’re back into our weekly routine of homework, library books that WILL NOT be overdue this year, soccer practices, dance classes, piano lessons, swim lessons, Wednesday night kids’ program @ church, gymnastics class…

I think all the coffee will help.

And this week (drumroll, please), Michael and I have appointments to select all of our flooring, our bathroom tile, our appliances, our granite, and our front door. Additional appointments pending for plumbing fixtures and the garage door.

(Here’s where you applaud and shout and jump up and down with excitement.)

(Thank you. I’m so glad you’re sharing in our joy.)

So we’ve been poring over pictures and websites and magazines in an attempt to get a good grasp on all of our grand ideas that have been in the making for a good 10 years. I have a huge folder with ideas and notes we’ve collected during that time, but for some reason, there are very few pictures of tile. So we’re googling. A lot. I like this shower:

OK, that’s all the writing and rambling and randomness I can handle for right now. Later I’ll tell you about my newfound love for the Amazon Kindle and warm fuzzy boots and our upcoming trip to The Land of Cold.

Later. Right now I need to go fix another cup of coffee…


5 thoughts on “Another whole lotta random…but this time with coffee

  1. Color me jealous! Not the terrible green-eyed monster kind but the totally harmless Beth Moore variety. Did you get a latte maker? Where? I might need. I have recently discovered latte goodness. OK, maybe I'm green-eyed jealous of your Kindle.

  2. We also did not think about future anniversaries when we planned the wedding. Our anniversary is December 16th, which with us both being teachers, lands during the last week of school before the holidays every year – finals, travel, madness… not conducive to romantic getaways… Oh well! We're still madly in love and have great pictures from a great day.

  3. I love that you love coffee. It gets me out of bed too … actually, coffee, a redhead, and a newborn all vie for the honor.Great post!So excited to keep reading about the upcoming house decisions. LOVE the shower … add that to the list.

  4. "Anonymous" doesn't know what he/she is talking about…all your blogs are terrific. Well, I'm not a writer so I don't exactly have expertise in this area BUT your blogs are quite funny & entertaining! Like my run-on sentence? Hey, when are we going to Starbucks to get some coffee with NO KIDS?

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