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House selections, part deaux. Try to contain yourself.

So the plumbing fixtures and the front door.

Please don’t leave. Hang on. I promise this will get interesting.


After buzzing through all the tile and flooring and appliances, the next item on our selections list was the front door. It wasn’t at all what we expected it to be. We showed up at the front door place (with a most awesome piece of manly grilling equipment in our van) thinking that we would buzz in, pick out the stain of wood for our front door, decide what (if any) kind of glass to put in, and be done. Check.

Oooohhhh, no. It couldn’t be that easy. Or that boring. No, this place is a front door design center. As in, you design your front door. Your iron front door. We have seen iron front doors, which are usually pretty ornate and fancy-schmancy…and not our style at all. Fancy-schmancy doesn’t quite fit with the “come and set a spell” wrap-around porch.

I won’t tire you out with all the details, but we sat down with our designers and Door Man and drew up a sketch of what our front door will look like. It’s pretty cool.

Too cool. I’m totally stuck. We can’t decide which design to choose.


Here are some examples of the kind of door we’re talking about.
Here’s what our house will look like (sorry for the fuzziness. I literally had to roll out our blueprints and take a picture. Curse you, Adobe Acrobat.)

(the front door is right there in the middle – duh – with a narrow single pane window on either side.)

And here are our door options so far:

Tell me what you think. I thought I knew which one I liked best, then I looked at it again and changed my mind. So I’m a big ball of confusion and indecisiveness right now.

Next stop: plumbing fixtures. We got a PDF file of the “standard package,” which honestly, we were fine with – then one of the designers took us to the plumbing fixture showroom…I thought we were just going to see in person what they will look like, but no. We got to deviate.

Oooh, how I love to deviate. Heh-heh-heh.

So we switched some things around. That’s all. Here ya go:

Master bath and Meghan’s bath

Master shower.

Yes, two shower heads. One of them an adjustable hand-held. Michael and I had a constructive disagreement about the usefulness of an adjustable hand-held and whether or not it justified the additional upgrade cost. Let’s just say that the short person won that one.

Boys’ bathroom

Guest and powder baths

I saved the best for last. Oh my goodness gracious, can I tell you how excited I am about this one?!? Look closely. A SPRAYER ON THE TUB! I can wash my hair! I can rinse my back! I can wash out all the bubbles! I can clean the bathtub!

(Oh, wait.)

(That’s not exciting.)

(Scratch that.)

I can wash my hair!

More than one person has told me about how stressful house-building can be, and I’ve heard that if your marriage can survive building a house, it can survive anything. I’m sure that’s pretty close to the truth. I know it’s going to be difficult. I’m expecting it. I’m ready for it. Bring it on.

But truly, if we can survive the last year with all the crap from the city and the land development and thinking we were sitting at a dead end and the only way out was a lawsuit…well, honey pie, I think the house-building part is going to be gravy. This is the fun part. This is where mama can sink her teeth in and spend all this imaginary money …which, of course, will not be imaginary – but it sure seems like it. Imagine walking into a showroom and someone says, “you have $9000 to spend! Go crazy!”

Fun. I’m just sayin’.

So there you go. The fun part is probably going to take a brief hiatus until we actually start building…which at this point looks to be sometime around March. But truly, after everything we’ve been through, I have come to a point where I realize that God already knows the exact date we’re going to move into this house, so any delays are not going to surprise Him – hence, a very good reason for me to seriously chill out. So I’m not worried. We’ll get there.

Tub sprayers and all.


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