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Reflections on moving and a quick game of "which is worse?"


We’re moved. Finally. I feel like I’m able to take a deep breath for the first time in three months.

I’m going to sit here a minute and reflect. (Feel free to go grab a Coke or check your email. This will just take a second.)


OK, I’m done.

The past three months were so crazy. Here are a few of my random reflective thoughts:

1. I’m not sure which is worse: moving all at once across the country, or moving gradually over two weeks across town. We’ve done both. When you move all at once, it’s done. In one trip. But it takes a sweet forever to unpack and organize – whereas when you move across town, you can load up laundry baskets, open boxes, reusable grocery bags, and anything else you can find, drive them across town, unload them, unpack them, put everything away, drive back…and repeat. For two weeks.

You see why I’m so tired.

The upside is that you don’t have to wrap up anything in that bulky newsprint paper, which makes unpacking a lot easier. It seemed easier to find a place for everything, too – I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the mass onslaught of crap. I could deal with the crap one carload at a time.

But the time span wore me out. So the next (AND FINAL if I have any say in the matter) time we move, I think we need to rent a truck over a long weekend and take our laundry baskets and reusable grocery bags in just a handful of trips instead of making three trips a day for two weeks.

2. I’m not sad. Really, I’m not. And I think there are several reasons for this. First, we’re just moving across town – we’re keeping the same friends, the same church, the same schools (for now) – so there’s not much of an adjustment to make. Second, I have not lived in the same house for more than 5 years during my entire life. We lived in our last house for almost 6 years – so mentally, I’m ready to go. It was a great house. I loved our house, and we have many wonderful memories there. But it’s time to move on. Third, we are in the process of building an amazing dream house. We’ve been in process for three freakin’ years. So it’s kinda nice to feel like we’re moving forward in the journey instead of stuck in the mud that should be a driveway by now.

Speaking of which…

entrance from the main road

end of the driveway

entrance to the house

Once we have pavement, we can get building permits. Don’t ask me when that’s going to be. I have no freakin’ idea.

3. Moving into a new house feels a little bit like going on vacation. You’re sleeping in a strange place, and you don’t know where anything is – and you say more than once, “I know I packed that somewhere…” Even though we had unpacked most of our belongings a week before we slept a single wink our new house, we are still having a hard time locating a few random belongings. You would think that it would be hard to lose something when you just downsized over 1000 square feet – but trust me, it is definitely possible. Having half of your belongings boxed up in the garage doesn’t help a bit – but even locating my cutting board and bar soap and extension cord and the correct light switch is proving to be a challenge.

4. Verizon sucks. Geez Louise, I could write a novel about the ordeal of transferring communication services from one house to the next. Short version: placed the transfer order on April 7. Talked to the poor girl handling the transfer three times because they were having some kind of problem with what should have been a very simple task. Informed that we had to disconnect house #1 and start a new account with house #2, but we could keep our phone number. Scheduled the disconnect and reconnect for Friday, April 30. Friday morning – no phone, no email, as expected. Waited for Verizon guy to show up at the new house. And waited. And waited. Called 10 minutes before the “window” expired and found out the connect was scheduled for NEXT Friday.


After two hours on the phone, one customer service lady informed me that they could schedule our installation for next Wednesday.

To which I replied, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

(I really did. I said just that.)

I don’t like yelling at customer service representatives. I know this mess was not her fault. But COME ON. Wednesday?!? I let her know in no uncertain terms that Wednesday was definitely unacceptable.

“OK. Can you please hold?”

And then:

“We can be there tomorrow.”

That’s more like it.

Except that the next day, NO ONE CAME.

So while I filled nail holes and touched up the paint at the old house, Michael spent another two hours on the phone with Verizon trying to figure out what was going on and when we could have service again.

Fast forward to Monday. Verizon guy finally shows up and installs all of the components – except that my old email address is lost and we have a new phone number.

(Which is worse – changing your email or changing your phone number?!?)

I’m going to throw somebody down.

But at least we could watch American Idol and Glee. You know, the important things in life.

As of today, my email address has been restored, but I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if we can get our phone number back. Again I ask, which is worse: having to inform thirteen thousand people that we have a new phone number – or once again dealing with Verizon trying to clean up the crazy stupid mess they created?

The sad thing is that every person I’ve talked to who has moved and had to transfer services has had the same kind of nightmare experience – no matter the provider. So apparently no one in the communications world knows how to transfer their services across town from one house to the next.

5. It’s a temporary home. On so many levels. We’re renting this cute little house (emphasis on the word “little”) for the next ten-ish months until our House of Dreams is completed (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?), and we’re living in a mess and dealing with a mess and preparing to move again. Sound deep and proverbial? It is. It’s all temporary – not unlike life itself. Good to remember when I’m ready to reach through the phone and choke our friendly Verizon representative.


4 thoughts on “Reflections on moving and a quick game of "which is worse?"

  1. I started reading your blog after you were "published" on Mamapedia. I have really enjoyed all of your posts, but this one is a close second (to the museum visit over Spring Break) as my favorite! We are working on moving and I am so with you all the way. It did help knowing that I am not the only one going thru this! Please keep up the fun!

  2. Hi Jennifer,I have stumbled upon your blog and so wish I could invite you over for a cup of coffee, but it appears you live across the country from me. I'm celebrating 13 years of marriage this month, 12 of which have been a "medical marriage." (Still remember the day my husband called me at work with the "exciting" news that he had been accepted to medical school; I knew then that life as I knew it was indeed over.) My husband is finishing his vascular surgery fellowship in June and we're finally moving into our dream house, and "starting our life". The practice, the new house and the new life are 150 miles away and the details of selling our home, moving our life and our three kids (ages 6, 4, and 2) have been alternately overwhelming and exhilerating for me. It's been a wild and generally lonely ride these past 12years and honestly I wish I had discovered your blog long ago because I had completely lost sight of the fact that there were other people out there living life like me (taking 2 cars to family functions when hubby is on-call is such a foreign concept to the rest of the world!) Anyway, I'll be following your blog – keep up the great work!

  3. OK. My opinions on what is better or worse…1. To move across town or across the country…I don't care which as long as someone else does the packing and moving. Never. Ever. Again. (I have said that before, but I only got one full service move in all of my 8 married moves!) But this time, I mean it again! If BJ ever gets the itch to move again, I am going away for a spa vacation until it is ALL done! I mean it!!! Changing phone numbers or email…definitely email! Hey if you are listed people eventually will find your phone number! (Whether you want them to or not!)It's working for us so far! Thank goodness for cell phones and email!Glad you are "settled" as much as you can be as a transient! Now you know what we did for our year in IN before we moved to Iowa.Can you please come help me? I really need to find the hardware for Christian's bed or I might lose my mind!!! Breathe in, and out!Love ya!

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