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I’m bored.

Life is certainly not boring. Oh no-ho-ho-ho. Nonononono. This time of year rivals Christmas in all its crazy chaos. Just in the last week, we’ve had back-to-back soccer tournaments, a piano recital, dance recital pictures, and a science fair project. This week alone we have end-of-year parties, preschool graduation (shut up, Matt), science fair exhibition, book fair, mother-son field day, dance recital dress rehearsal, two birthday parties, and the dance recital.

But I’m bored. Mentally, spiritually. Jennifer’s brain has left the building.

Nothing excites me. I’m just kinda slogging through all the craziness. Our small group time last night, which is usually a highlight in my week, had my brain checking out and sneaking peeks at my iPhone to play Words With Friends in the middle of our stimulating, deep spiritual discussion. Eh.

Actually, in thinking more about it, there are two things that I do get excited about: editing and Glee. I had this amazing, awesome editing project for our church every week for the past 6 weeks, and it totally got my juices flowing. There’s nothing like proverbial red ink to raise my heart rate. I. Loved. It. So much fun – I know, it’s a little freaky and slightly disturbing – but I was born with a red pen in my fist. Freakishly weird for Jesus, man. That’s me.

And Glee. My heart beats a little faster on Tuesdays. Last week, I just about fell off the couch laughing when Finn busted out with “Jessie’s Girl.” Oh my stinkin’ word. I downloaded every single song on Wednesday morning – usually I just pick a few out of the set, but this week, every one was phenomenal. Even Kurt’s “Rose’s Turn” was so great – I loved the raw, vulnerable anger of that song. Brilliant.

So yes, I’m slightly enormously pathetic. Editing and Glee. That’s about it these days. And the editing project ended last week, and Glee is about to wrap up for the season – so I’m really screwed. Screwed and bored.

I’ve tried to figure out the reason why I’m so mentally checked-out. The only explanation I can rationalize is that the stress and chaos of the past several months – house preparation and selling and moving – have simply worn me out. So I’m done. The reserves are spent, so my brain and heart are telling me to veg.

Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Countdown ‘til Doogie Howser shows up at McKinley High: T-minus 34 hours, 53 minutes…


2 thoughts on “Boredom.

  1. I am so waiting for Doogie, too! I've loved Neil Patrick Harris since like, third grade, and he is an amazing singer! It is okay to get excited over Glee 🙂

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