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Poopy times call for ridiculous measures

I just grounded my 5 year old. From reading books.

Yep, you read that correctly.

I am forbidding my child from reading.

Seriously, who does that?

(Um, that would be me.)

So Nathan has a lot going on in that little brain of his. He ponders the galaxies and the composition of stars and the meanings of words like “necessarily,” and he’s reading Harry Potter. By himself.

But apparently, that cute little brain is so busy figuring out the universe that it forgets the simple things. Like the toilet and its purpose.

I’m so tired of smelly, stinky, wet, messy underwear. I’ve started just throwing them away because washing them out is just…well, gross. We’ll buy more underwear. (And we have. On multiple occasions.)

Silly me. I thought we were done potty training. Especially since the first time around was so much fun.

In my quest to potty train MY FIVE YEAR OLD, I took the advice of a friend who survived a similar struggle, and I’ve started taking away the very activity which distracted him and prevented him from remembering the purpose of a toilet.

So far, he is grounded from the Wii and his Leapster. And books.

I ground him for a week from said activities, and if he has another accident, the countdown starts over.

(Sounds harsh? YOU deal seventy-two pairs of urine-soaked pants and let me know if you have a better idea.)

(Did I mention that he’s FIVE?!?)

We tried this method earlier in the year, and it worked like a charm (after about 3 weeks of no TV). He did great with his friend The Potty…until about 2 weeks ago.

And earlier this week, he was in his room reading, soaked his jeans, and explained it by saying, “But I tried to hold it while I was in my room!”

Hold it? In your room? Five steps from the bathroom door? Seriously?



Just one more thing we didn’t think of when we said, “Let’s have a baby!”


3 thoughts on “Poopy times call for ridiculous measures

  1. We've had similar situations with kids that don't want to stop what they're doing to get to the bathroom.And taking away books is one of our favorite punishments … only another parent of a book-loving kid could understand that.

  2. I don't suppose it helps you to tell you our 14 year old dog has taken up peeing under the kitchen table because she is so afraid she will miss something someone drops at dinner that she doesn't ask to go out. Thank goodness we didn't replace the kitchen floor yet! I never thought I would have to think prior to dinner that I need to take the dog out so that I can eat my whole dinner without cleaning up dog urine. Sigh. Should we give Chelsea and Nathan a break because we have just uprooted them, or should we just drop-kick the little sweeties? 🙂

  3. Okay, previous comment by Gretchen, not Christian. Didn't pay attention to the fact he was signed in on this computer. He now has an email since he is creating a website about (what else could it be?) Basketball!

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