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Run, run, run, run…whimper, whimper, whimper, whimper

Week Two.

Here we go.

Week One of The Ambitious Summer Schedule started off with a bang, then gradually lost its mojo and whimpered its way toward the weekend. Not too bad for the first week, ya think? After four days of early morning swim team practices and managed minutes filled with books and worksheets and whatnot, we were wiped. By Thursday, we ditched Craft Time and took a nap.

And that’s OK.

We did go to the aquarium for our field trip on Friday so Griffin could see the sharks he had been obsessing over all year long studying this week, and we saw a ton of other really cool animals – but by the end of the afternoon, we were all mentally melting. (At least we weren’t physically melting. Thank you, oh blessed indoor, air-conditioned activity.) Following Week One of the Ambitious Summer Schedule, we had a full weekend of soccer. Soccer, soccer, soccer. More soccer. And then some soccer. Griffin played in an OUTDOOR tournament (what was that I was saying about melting?), which was a lot of fun, and they played really well and won the championship game after double OT and penalty kicks – but it was a lot of sun. A lot. Mucho sunno. And while I realize the sun is the single greatest source of life as we know it on Earth, it ironically sucks that very life right out of an already weary mama when she sits in it all stinkin’ weekend and screams her head off as the 8 year old goalie tips a shot over the back of the net in a move that could only be described as miraculous.

And then we watched the World Cup.

I was made for the indoors, I believe.

So here we are at Week Two. Meghan: Russian history (specifically, Russian royalty), Griffin: history of soccer, Nathan: plants. Cooking activity: shopping for fresh vegetables and making a salad; Meghan will make Russian teacakes. Field trip: the botanical gardens. Craft? Let’s not push our luck.

I think flexibility is the keyword for the Ambitious Summer Schedule. Flexibility…and naps.


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