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The joy of thirteen days and 25 cent glue sticks

I love this time of year.

My kids are making me just the right amount of crazy that I can be reeeeally excited about the fact that there are merely 13 days until I can sit in a quiet house for 8 whole hours without having to answer any questions or break up any fights or listen to any whining or arguing. With Nathan going to kindergarten (in a mere 13 days!!! Did I mention that?), I have been asked numerous times what I plan to do with all that time to myself.

Aaaaah. Got a minute?

Actually, I don’t know exactly. Michael and I have a running joke about bon-bons – and I may actually buy some and throw my own little first-day-of-freedom party and celebrate 11 years of staying home and doing everything but eating bon-bons. After that, though, I’m not sure what my days will look like. But I have lots of ideas. Things that I’ve wanted to do for – oh, the last eleven years or so – but haven’t been able to because of the limitation of these three little people who need me.

Oh, happy day!

But before we get to all the glorious silence, we must pass through the gate of August Office Supply Store Blowout Sales. Which make me totally giddy.

I’ve done this the past few years, and I get such a rush. When else can you get glue sticks for a quarter or spiral notebooks for 15 cents or filler paper for a penny? (I’m getting all a’flutter just thinking about it.)

I’ve been watching the fliers for the past few weeks, and we’ve held off. Glue for a dollar? No thank you. I know you’re holding out on me. I’ll wait.

Meghan and I layed out the fliers from the Sunday paper yesterday and plotted our strategy. Made a list of the stores and exactly what we would buy at each place based on who had the best prices. Why spend 15 cents on a two pocket folder when you can get it for 5 cents at the next place?

I’m normally not a coupon kind of gal. I tried it once and got some free mustard, but then I realized that to make the most of this coupon-clipping thing, I would have to go to three different grocery stores with a binder full of coupons and a detailed list of mega-processed and prepackaged foods. And for me, it just wasn’t worth the effort. Or the excessive sodium and HFCS and hydrogenated oils.

So I go to Costco once a week instead and indulge on bulk-priced fresh fruits and whole grains.

But school supplies are a completely different story. I keep a stash at home of markers and crayons and folders – you name it, I’ve got it – so when teachers send out an email in February saying they’ve run out of pencils, I can send in a package. And when my kids want to create a little piece of artistic genius, they’re set. We’ve donated quite a bit, too. Win-win.

Normally I still order the school supply package from our PTA – which I’ve found to be highly cost effective and convenient, especially when teachers request very specific supplies that can only be found at a handful of stores – and I did order packets for the boys this year, but for Meghan, who is starting 6th grade and no longer requires the non-sulfite construction paper or whatever it is, I had half of her list on my shelves at home. The rest?

Fifteen cent spirals, people. Awesomeness.

Now if I can just find a couple of muzzles costing pocket change to get me through the next 13 days…


One thought on “The joy of thirteen days and 25 cent glue sticks

  1. Thirteen IS a lucky number, is it not? I get to start all over again so it'll be 5 years before I will have true "me" silence and downtime but, I do get two good naps in so I can still accomplish SOMETHING (well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway!):)And I don't know anyone that can resist the smell of a new box of Crayola crayons!

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