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Habbadah-habbadah-homminah…pass the coffee…

I haven’t written anything for 2 weeks. The reason? Frankly?

I’m completely wiped out.

Not only are we in the middle of the back-to-school craziness, but Michael left for his fourth trip to Vietnam a week ago Sunday, and he’s not coming back until later this week.

And even though the week has gone extraordinarily well and we’ve made it as fun as it can possibly be, I was not meant to do this whole parenting thing alone.

I have an enormous amount of respect for single moms. Huge. I’m so tired.

So tired, in fact, that I have had little mental energy to spare. Hence, my bloggy absence. I just don’t have it in me. Which piles on all kinds of writer guilt because if I were REALLY a writer – according to my two favorite writers – then I would make it a “job” and sit down at a designated time and place every day and write whatever comes to mind for no other purpose than to simply exercise my craft.

Instead, I choose to nap.

But just to appease you – because I’m certain that you’ve been checking your RSS feed everyday and wondering what in the world happened to the crazy lady on the couch and is she still alive? Were her fingers maimed in a freak accident? – I will now compile an abbreviated list of what has been going through my exhausted little mind.

1. Nathan is making me crazy. I love the little guy, but he has been operating in his own little orbit for quite some time, and now that we’ve thrown kindergarten in the mix, I think I just might kill him. We started a daily list, and that helps, but it still takes him an hour every morning to eat his breakfast and get dressed. He’s come home several times already without his ____ (fill in the blank: folder, water bottle, lunch bag, homework…). And all of my prodding and encouraging and fussing is making me a teensy bit grouchy. My theory is that WonderBoy has a lot going on in that magnificent little brain of his, so staying focused on the task at hand is a little difficult. A lot difficult. He’s too busy trying to figure out how cheese is made and what fish think to notice that the shoes I sent him to find and put on are RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Sigh. I could write a book and title it “If You Give Nathan A Task” …if only Laura Numeroff wouldn’t sue my tooshie for plagiarizing her idea.

(The part where God laughs? I’m just like Nathan. I get so distracted. Especially when I need to sit down and soak in The Word and pray. I find a million other things to do. I’m glad I’m not the only one.)

2. I got a MacBook Pro for my birthday. I’m in love. The lesson here is that if you whine and complain enough to your husband about the crappy hand-me-down laptop he brought home for you and send him bratty text messages about how frustrated you are when it takes you a half an hour to complete a 10 minute task…then he’ll feel sorry for you and agree to get you a new one because he loves you so much. Thanks, honey. And the MacBook? Seriously the coolest computer ever created. I’m still figuring it out since I’ve been a PC girl for the last 15+ years, but I love it.

3. The Alien has made only two very brief appearances at our house in the last two weeks – which is a very, very good thing as my beloved is halfway around the world. In fact, The Alien only showed up once during his dad’s absence, and he only stuck around for four very, very, VERY ugly hours – one of which he spent locked outside. Long story that began with Nathan refusing to hand over the (FREAKIN!) golf ball (seriously?!?) and ended with his room completely destroyed and a 50 year old chest of drawers face down in his room. I’m just thankful my child is still alive and I’m not in jail. But like I said, these days when The Alien does show up, it’s not for long. In Michael’s words, he knows that I am “not going to put up with his crap.” And that’s the truth. I don’t argue. I very calmly and quietly draw the line and enforce the consequences. Works very well for me. And The Alien eventually gives up and returns to his home planet. After he writes “I will treat my mom with kindness and respect at all times” until his hand falls off.

4. Meghan got braces and pointe shoes in the same week. I need to stop feeding her so she’ll quit growing up so fast.

  • 5. The house. Um, yeah. We met with our builder and designer and project managers two weeks ago, ready to start. Then Tropical Storm Hermine dumped 10 inches of rain on us. So we still haven’t started. Which is fine. Really.

  • (though we did see a tiny step of progress…)
    6. On the morning Hermine paid us a lovely little visit, I had a meeting and a dentist appointment and errands to run. So of course Meghan’s school had to evacuate because of high water surrounding the building. Of course. And since she is one of four kids in her entire school who doesn’t have her own cell phone, she called me from her teacher’s phone WHICH WORKED OUT JUST FINE AND PROVES MY POINT THAT ELEVEN YEAR OLDS CAN INDEED SURVIVE WITHOUT THEIR OWN CELL PHONES and I picked her up after my dentist appointment and we went to Target together. And it had stopped raining by that time. Of course.

    That’s all for now. No clever ending. No snarky comment to wrap things up. I can’t do it.

    The end.


    One thought on “Habbadah-habbadah-homminah…pass the coffee…

    1. All in all, looks like a successful week. Love the pointe pictures! She looks so grown up! Let's write some funny books together! What should we start with? Oh, that reminds me, I need to answer those questions for the LODW. (I mentioned the name of that blog to a friend and she–who is not in a medical family–said it sounds like a Soap Opera!)Talk soon!Gretch

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