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I just can’t win…but I’ll eat some reeeealllly good food in the meantime

I’ve been working on this post for over a week. It’s been a tad bit crazy around here.
So.  This new healthy eating thing.
I’m realizing that in order for this to really work, some combination of the following must happen:

  1. Throw out everything in our pantry and fridge
  2. Don’t go out to eat
  3. Don’t have houseguests
  4. Don’t go anywhere

I really, really have the best intentions. I want to rid our home of all the nasty chemicals and preservatives and junk that we are shoving into our faces. I want to fuel my body and my family’s bodies with good, wholesome, healthy food.

Easier said than done.
I mean, seriously, how can you not eat this?

We drove down to Waco last weekend two weekends ago for the Baylor/Kansas game.  It was a good day to be a Bear. 
On the way, we stopped in West, Texas (not west Texas, but the city of West in the state of Texas. Which is no where near the western half of the state. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for the name.) They have the greatest little Czech bakery right off of I-35, and they sell all sorts of deeee-licious Czech baked goods. Including aforementioned kolaches (pronounced co-LAH-chees. Alternative pronunciation: sweet-lord-these-are-the-best-things-I’ve-ever-put-in-my-mouth).
While you are waiting in the line that stretches outside and around the corner, you can read the sweet little sign they have posted to inform you of the quantities of ingredients they use each week to bake their amazing little treats.
Which includes 785 pounds of shortening and 300 pounds of sugar.

Healthy and wholesome? Notsomuch.
But have I mentioned how good they taste?
OK. So we get a special treat for a special day and have our own little Czechoslovakian tailgate party.

And at the game, we indulge in a few Lemon Chills, which contain within them enough corn syrup to grease a very large pig.
But it’s a special day.
Then after the game, we pick up a late lunch and meet our friends at the park. We did opt for McAllister’s deli as opposed to Health Camp, which is anything but. Health Camp specializes in greasy hamburgers and chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes. So we go to a deli that serves healthy, wholesome sandwiches and iced tea.
And my kids order nachos and grilled cheese.
But just this once.
Or twice.
Michael’s mom was in town early this last week, and it was Michael’s birthday, so of course we went out for dinner. I thought Souper Salad would be a good alternative…and at least one of my kids put pizza on his plate. The other had a baked potato…with bacon.
It’s a losing battle.
The next night, out again – this time to The Cheesecake Factory. The kids order an omelet (not too bad), corn dogs, and pizza.
And Michael came home with this:

But this week. Really.  We’re going to do better.
I did buy lots of organic produce, and we’ve been snacking on that (when we’re not eating leftover corn dogs and pizza and CHOKING on the price of organics). It hasn’t been all bad. I’ve managed to get some good stuff in their tummies.
But it’s so frustrating. I’m totally serious about eating better and buying better, but I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.
I bought these today:
and they must be healthy because my stomach and intestines were having quite a party afterward.
(I’ll leave it at that.)
Then this last weekend, we went to two fall festivals and came home with three Walmart bags full of candy, and Meghan went to her first lock-in, where she was asked to bring a bag of chips and a bag of candy to share.  I sent Sweet Potato Chips and a bag of Reese’s Mini PB Cups.
Seriously, what can a girl do?
I don’t know whether to be frustrated or proud for making the smallest steps in the right direction. Part of me thinks that we’re all going to die eventually no matter what we eat, so why bother? Or – at least – why get stressed over the tiny bits of preservatives and chemicals and HFCS that still sneak into our food, no matter how hard I try?
To be continued…

2 thoughts on “I just can’t win…but I’ll eat some reeeealllly good food in the meantime

  1. Feelin' your pain! Christian had another meltdown last night about why can't we eat like "normal" people?! Sigh… He appologized this morning.(I reminded him of the pizza we let them order with the babysitter and the cookies I bought them at the Bicentenial celebration, and the free cupcakes we had there too…and the subway kids meal…) It's hard to be extremely rigid about it when we aren't "allergic" to those things. Like I've said before, it is a transition. And, I told Christian last night that we know we are going to have things when we are out places that aren't the "healthiest" choices, so that is why I am doing the best I can with the things we buy to eat at home. Too bad none of their friends will ever come here again. 😉 …On a mission to convince kids that healthy eating can be really yummy! (BTW, last night's dinner consisted of pre-made organic pasta sauce and whole wheat pasta and broccoli (which all of my kids like) not to mention the treat I had gotten them…organic chocolate soy milk. 🙂 I'm really on a mission to torture and eventually kill them from starvation, don't you think?! Hang in there sister! We can do this! Baby steps!

  2. So after reading your last post about eating healthy, you've suckered…er…convinced me to join the bandwagon. I bought the same Larabars. Like the cherry and apple…not such a fan of the cashew "cookie". Not quite what I had envisioned for something with the word cookie in the title…I look forward to reading about your continued adventure and find encouragement in knowing I'm not the only one stumbling along the way. Darn those mega bags of Plain M&M's at Costco…

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