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I cannot even express in words the fulness in my heart today. 
Check this out:

If you’ve kept up with us along this veeeery long 3+year journey, I ask you, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?
I hardly can.
The original plan was to be moved into the house by summer 2009.
Last week we had this:

And this:

And then we found out that we needed to build a retaining wall (which actually ended up being a retaining mound) so that the house wouldn’t slide down the hill into the creek. So we had this:

And then this:

And we got a call Thursday night that the foundation would be poured on Friday morning.
Which is a funny story.
So Michael’s practice had a grand opening celebration for their new office building and the fundraising kick-off for the non-profit Child Vision Center (which is going to be so incredibly wonderfully amazingly cool). 

(I should look this good more often.)
And we didn’t get home until 9:00 on Thursday night. Right about the time our project manager called and let us know that they were going to pour concrete on Friday morning. We had talked with our builder last month about putting a few things in the foundation before it was poured, and we had lots of ideas, but the pessimistic/realistic part of us that has been waiting for three years for a foundation didn’t really think it was going to happen any time soon. So we didn’t have anything ready to go.
Which meant that we were scrambling around the house at 10:00 at night looking for the perfect meaningful, sentimental items.  We wanted to put a Bible and pictures of our families, representing the foundations of our faith and our heritage upon which we are building our home.
Michael had given me a leather-bound Bible on our wedding night, embossed with my new name, and after almost 15 years, the pages are falling out, the cover has separated, and it’s essentially unusable. Sentimental and practical contribution to our foundation, don’tcha think?
Yeah. It’s in storage.
Along with the majority of our pictures.
I still have the pictures from my brother’s wedding (since I am over 2 years behind on the old family scrapbook), and Michael’s mom had given him a box of old pictures for his birthday, so we did manage to find some good family pics.

And the Bible? 

Good enough. It’s the thought that counts.
And these days our thoughts are good.  So, so good.



4 thoughts on “Foundation

  1. Halleluia!! Cannot WAIT to see the walls go up and the finishes you have been planning for the last 15 years come together!!! So, so happy for you guys!Love you!Gretch

  2. That is so awesome!! I know it's been a long time coming. We are so, so happy for you and can't wait to watch the progress and see the finished product! And girl, you always look that good! :)Love you, friend!Holly

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