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My eyelid is not twitching…I’m just winking at you

It’s that time of year. Again.
My favorite radio station is teasing its listeners and telling us that 24 hour Christmas music is right around the corner. 
Which means I need to make sure my iPod car adapter is in good working order.
You might recall my feelings about Christmas.  My outlook has improved considerably since The Black Christmas of 2007, and even the next year brought some perspective and a more enjoyable experience. But the whole season – especially the anticipation of it – still makes me a little bit cranky. I associate the 6-week holiday season with high levels of stress and twitching eyelids. I’m kinda dreading the whole thing.
Why is it that we, as a society, choose one month out of every year to cram in all of our social events, bake too much, eat too much, spend too much, cover every room in our homes with green and red, send mail to every living soul we’ve ever known, elbow hordes of people in the aisles of Target in order to buy gifts for every family member and teacher and friend – most of which they neither want nor need – all the while expecting ourselves and others to sing and be happy and merry and cheerful? It seems that every year my holiday to-do list gets longer and longer, my calendar is completely filled, and I can never anticipate everything that needs to be done.

Is this really how God wants us to celebrate Emmanuel?
So 24 hours of Christmas music? I rank it up there with icebreaker games and Sarah Palin.  I have only a mild tolerance for each of them.
But I’ve learned that to survive the holiday season, I need to prepare, I need to plan, I need to shop early. So I need to get on that.  Very soon.
But let’s attempt to be perky and smiley about Christmas for a minute, shall we? Don’t you love when you open a gift that is everything you’ve ever wanted, and something that you’ve waited to receive for a very, very long time?
Like this?

Every day of the last two weeks has been like Christmas morning for us. I usually pick up the kids from school and stop by the house site to see how it’s progressing. And every day, it looks different from the day before.
It’s so awesome.
It’s a house! The house we’ve always wanted! The house we’ve dreamed of and prayed about and planned for the last ten years! The house that has taken three freakin’ years to build!
Like I said, Christmas.
And, I have to say, building a custom home is very cool. Several people have told us that building a house is the hardest thing your marriage can go through, and if you survive that, you can survive anything. But really, for us, the last three years have been the nightmare. We survived that. This is the fun part.
Not only did we sit down with an architect (three years ago) and draw out the floorplan that we (think we) have always wanted, we get to add all kinds of little custom details of our own creation.  And when something isn’t working or we have another idea, we change it. We make it exactly how we want it.
It’s so fun.
Granted, all those changes and choices mean A LOT of decisions over a long period of time. We’ve already spent hours and hours looking at flooring and bathroom tiles and plumbing fixtures and appliances and stone and brick – and then we get the numbers and go back to the drawing board in an attempt to not {completely} blow our budget. It’s amazing how several “little bit over” choices lead to a big, fat overage. Ouch.
And we’ve only just begun…
But even with all the going back and forth and the decision making and budget crunching – it is a BLAST.
Just like Christmas.

One thought on “My eyelid is not twitching…I’m just winking at you

  1. Yippeee!!! So happy for you guys! It is truly amazing watching the progress! The only thing that could make the whole thing better is if I could be there and walk through with you as it all is coming together! Thank goodness for email and digital photos! I love that I feel like I am with you guys through this even though we are so far apart! Thanks for sharing with me! Can't wait to sip lemonade on the front porch this summer! 🙂

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