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A Sunday signing and celebration

I can’t help but think…

Sunday has come.
Not intentionally, we planned our House Frame Signing Party for yesterday. Sunday.
Two days after Friday. Two days after something really awful.
The day after Saturday. The day after the day of uncertainty, confusion, waiting.
(Think Easter.)
Sunday is a day for celebration. Of renewed hope. Of a promise fulfilled. This is our day.
We invited our friends and family to the new house yesterday to sign the wood frame before the drywall goes in…what a great day it was. 

It seems like every night, as Michael and I are winding down and finishing the day, at some point, we look at each other and say, “I really love our house.” It is literally a dream come true for us, and it’s turning out to be better than we could have ever imagined. And to have our friends and family there to share in this celebration…perfection. 
It was the first of many, many gatherings in our new home. This home is not just for us. It will be – it is – a safe place for anyone and everyone. It will be the place for large celebrations and intimate chats on the front porch. It will be a place for slumber parties and pool parties and class parties. It will be a place for cozy gatherings around the fireplace. It will be a place for movie nights and game nights and whatever-sporting-event-is-on-TV nights.
This will be a place where love is found. Where people are listened to and accepted and comforted. Where laughter rings through the hallways and tears are shared and wiped away. This will be a safe place.
We are humbled with such a gift, and we can’t wait to open it…


One thought on “A Sunday signing and celebration

  1. I know you all will do just that! You are very generous and welcoming and I forsee many, many wonderful memories that will be created–not in your house, but your HOME! Congratulations Hunt Family! Enjoy!

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