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The Wild Woman and Harry Potter

Sometimes, you just gotta get a little crazy.

You gotta do something spontaneous.

You gotta do something illogical and impractical.

Sometimes, you need to take your 11 year old daughter to see the premiere of the sixth Harry Potter movie.

At midnight.

On a school night.

You gotta.

I wasn’t much of a rebel as a teenager.  Back up.  I wasn’t AT ALL a rebel as a teenager.  I was about as straight-laced as they come.  I was a goody-two-shoes rule-follower. I think the most rebellious thing I did as a teenager was to sneak out with my girlfriends at 5 a.m.

To get doughnuts.

Horrifying, I know.

So I think I’m having a delayed rebellion in my late 30s.  It’s pretty funny, actually.  At 17, I followed all the rules.  At 37, I’m trying to see how many I can break.

I’m sure a therapist could have a hey-day with me.

I’m kinda hoping my kids can take the same path.  Rebellion at 37 doesn’t come with the consequences associated with rebellion at 17. I’m too old and tired to get too risky.  My rebellion involves doing things unexpected, unconventional, and uncharacteristic of a 37 year old mom of three driving a crappy minivan.  Because, let’s face it, minivans are boring.  As is laundry. And dirty dishes.

So occasionally we gotta shake things up.

Like going to a midnight movie with my daughter.  She got in the car after school on Thursday and mentioned that one of her friends might go, and enthusiastically suggested that we go, too. I hesitated for a moment, then thought, Why not?

Friday was an early dismissal day before Thanksgiving break, so it’s not like she had major schoolwork to do the next day.  Most likely, she would be playing board games, which she could do in her sleep. (And after only three hours in her bed, she likely would do just that.)

Normally, I would run this kind of idea by Michael before making a decision. Normally, Michael would take his cell phone to work with him. But not Thursday. He left it on the kitchen counter. So I had no way of getting in touch with him to get his yay or nay opinion. Tickets were selling out fast, so I was on my own.

Obviously, I got the tickets.

And my husband, who (bless his heart) is still a Rule Follower, threw a little bit of a hissy fit when he learned of our plans. It took his brain a little while to wrap around our crazy little plan. Going to a midnight movie on a school night did not fit into his tidy little picture of How Things Should Be.


So Meghan got in bed around 8:00 to take a “nap” (though it was hard for her to go to sleep while a heated discussion of conformity vs. rebellion was going on in the next room), and in the meantime, I was asking my Facebook friends what time we should go to the theater to wait in line – seeing as I had never done anything like this before. The movie was showing on five screens, and they were all sold out.

My Twilight friends told me they got in line at 7 p.m. for their premiere.  Others told me they were already in line or knew someone who was in line. My original plan had been to leave around 10:30. Then I bumped it up to 10:15…10:00…9:45…

I finally got Meghan out of bed at 9:20.

Michael at last relented and graciously sent us out the door with his blessing and $10 for a midnight snack. Meg & I grabbed our jackets, scarves, hats (it was a chilly 50 degrees that night. Don’t laugh. That’s cold in Texas), and we were off.

When we got to the theater, we couldn’t see the beginning of the line. There were people EVERYWHERE – a few dressed in their Gryffindor robes and scarves. The atmosphere was electric, and Meghan was positively giddy.

It was one of those times when you just let yourself get caught up in the moment and enjoy this crazy fun event with your tweenage daughter while she still likes you and still thinks you’re the coolest mom ever. It was one of those moments when you hope that being the coolest mom ever will pay off and she’ll like you for a little bit longer. Or, at the least, that when you’re cold in the ground, your daughter will fondly recall this night and reflect on what a cool mom you were.

The movie itself was AMAZING. I’m so glad Those In Charge decided to split the book into two movies – they stayed very true to the story and the details and didn’t leave out a whole lot. Meghan and I shared A Moment (and I almost broke her hand) when Harry and Hermione went to Bathilda Bagshot’s house and Harry went upstairs and then “Bathilda”…well, if you’ve read the book, you know what happens. Yowza.

We rolled into the garage around 3 a.m., very sleepy, but very, very happy.

Meghan actually got up three hours later and went to school for her four hours of board games. (Michael insisted. I would have let her sleep in. But whatever. I guess somebody has to follow the rules.) For Meghan, the thought of telling her friends what she and The Coolest Mom In The World did the night before was too tempting and far outweighed the lack of sleep. Lucky for me, Michael took the kids to school so I could sleep. I woke up just in time to get dressed and pick them up after their strenuous four hour school day.

After all, I am a 37 year old minivan driving mom of three. A 3 a.m. bedtime doesn’t fly as easily as it used to. Not that I ever did anything so wild and crazy as being awake at 3 a.m.

Unless doughnuts were involved. Wild woman.


4 thoughts on “The Wild Woman and Harry Potter

  1. I'm so proud of you breaking the RULES like that! What an inspiration you are. Those cool mom moments are harder to come by as our kids get older. For me it was telling my 10 yr old this summer at six flags 'If you ride it, I'll ride it' since last year he wouldn't ride anything big and then this year rode almost everything, the Batman twice. Oh the things we'll do . . .

  2. This is awesome! What a way to create memories! No harm done! Instead, she'll remember that you listened to and respected and shared in something that was important to her! Good momma!

  3. I've been following your blog for a while and have really enjoyed it, but this one is special. Its these kinds of moments that will make you guys bond so much tighter, whatever the "rules" are. Thanks for helping me remember that!

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