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Ho ho…holiday?

This is the year of the non-Christmas for our little family. It’s just not happening – at least not to the normal extent. (Which, to some degree, is probably a good thing?) I think my grinchiness has a lot to do with being in a rental house. It’s a very small space, and we’re only here for four (or five) more months, which just doesn’t make me want to bust out all the holiday cheer and decorate and celebrate because it’s so temporary. And small. Plus our “real” house is growing closer to finished every day, so mentally I’m there and not here. I’m trying to be here, but it’s really hard when the “there” is so awesome and the “here” is not so awesome. But I’m still thankful for the bountiful abundance of here and so excited about the hugeness of there – which still doesn’t explain why I haven’t baked a single Christmas cookie.

(Speaking of “there”…)

OH! And guess what we bought to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary?

But for now, in our temporary home, I have one strand of garland across the mantle, and I dug out the stockings, but that’s about it.

Our tree?

It’s just sad. Pathetically sad.

But all of our decorations are piled in boxes in the garage, and getting them out just isn’t worth the enormous effort.

That corner of a white box with the duct tape there in the middle – that’s our Christmas tree. That box at the very top behind the mattress holds our ornaments. Somewhere among all of those boxes are all of our Christmas CDs.

Are you feelin’ my pain?

Like I said. Just not worth it.

And, if you’re wondering, the kids seem fine with the lack of holiday cheer. They know they’re getting presents. They get plenty of ho-ho-ho at school for 7 hours a day. They’re fine. Or if they’re not, they’ll have something else to tell their therapists when they’re 30.

I have finished all the shopping, and I’m almost done with the wrapping (holy crap! I forget every year how that takes HOURS), and I have one more box to mail. Two class parties and a dance party tomorrow, one more dance performance this weekend…then we SLEEP. I’m planning on doing nothing zero nada next week when the kids are home from school. We’ll watch Christmas movies and stay in our pjs and drink hot chocolate. At least for the first day. Before we all kill each other.

I told Michael that I’m saving up all of this year’s holiday energy to pour into next year – because next year, I fully intend to go NUTS with holiday cheer. I will bake until I can’t stand up for another second. I will decorate every last inch of our massive house. I will blast the holiday music through every built-in speaker in all six zones. Our house will positively ooze with glad tidings and holiday joy.

This year? Notsomuch. No baking, no decorating, no parties, no music.  Next year, all of the above…and then some. I can’t wait.

Which reminds me – since I am the only one I know who is taking a holiday from the holiday – I’d like to bless you with a repost from last year and the very best Christmas cookie baking tip EVER. Somebody should get use out of this tip since I’m not.

Here it is. Genius.

Ho ho ho.


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