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Pink & Coffee

I am determined to stay awake this morning.

I will not crawl back into my bed and take a nap.

No matter how much I want to.

I will stay awake. I will be productive.

Oooohhhhh…I so want to get back into bed.

But I will not.

(I’m so glad I decided to like coffee.)

This week has been rough, as is every back-to-school week following an extended vacation from alarm clocks, to-do lists, and crazed carpool schedules to all the lessons and practices we cram into our weekly calendars. I rather like sleeping in and staying in my pajamas for most of the day. (Or all day.)

Six a.m. awakenings I do not prefer.

I’ve gotten into this vicious cycle this week of waking up tired, taking the kids to school, returning home for an extended morning nap, then not being able to go to sleep that night, and therefore waking up tired. Which is why this morning, I am determined to stay awake in hopes of actually going to sleep tonight.

I’ll let you know how that all works out. Because I know you’re on the edge of your seat, dying to know how many hours of sleep I managed to achieve.

On a more interesting hedonistic note, we bought patio dining furniture last weekend, and my brother and sista-from-anotha-motha are having a girl. Which means that estrogen is making a comeback within our testosterone-dominated family.

Meghan screamed.

I knew that Alana had her ultrasound scheduled for yesterday morning, and of course we were all very anxious to hear their news. She told us at Christmas that she strongly suspected a va-jay-jay. (My words, not hers.) I texted her early in the afternoon, but didn’t hear back from her. Okay, I thought, she probably went back to work and got busy. So I waited some more. Then I started to worry. What if something is wrong and she’s too distraught to talk to anyone? (Unfortunately, we have friends who went in to find out the gender of their baby and left with heart-wrenching news. It happens.) So I called my mother.

Aaah, my mother. God bless her.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: “So do you know anything?”

Mom: (coming out of her skin) Yeeeesssss! But I can’t tell you! They are waiting to call you until Meghan gets home! Hang on! Let me call your brother! OK! Bye!

Right then, I knew a niece was on the way. And, more importantly, that she is healthy. There wouldn’t be so many exclamation points otherwise.

At this point, I’m in the car with all the kids on the way to dance practice. Because it’s Tuesday, and we’re not on vacation. Which means we spend the afternoons in the car.

Alana calls me and asks if Meghan is with me. Yes, I tell her, let me put you on speaker phone. (And try not to run this stop sign and kill us all in the process.)

The Big Announcement echos through the minivan, followed by lots of shrieking and attempts not to wreck the car.

(Kids, don’t try this at home. Trained professionals were used to perform this stunt.)

Then my brother beeps in. We pretend we don’t know yet. More shrieking.

At least Meghan and I are shrieking. My boys remain unimpressed. Which is fine. They each have a brother and three boy cousins. They’re due for a little disappointment. It’s time for the girls to take the stage.

Bring on the pink.

Right after Cup of Coffee #2.


2 thoughts on “Pink & Coffee

  1. Congratulations! So happy you are getting a neice! I highly recommend them! I have 3 older neices and just got a new one a couple of months ago. They are super nice and pretty to have on hand. I just finally got my first nephew a couple of months ago too and they are pretty awesome as well, as I am sure you know. But it sure is fun to shop PINK!

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