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Blue by any other name turns out to be Latte

Have I mentioned how much fun I’ve had building this house? It’s been a blast. If you ever build a house, or plan to build a house, or plan to remodel a house, here’s my advice:
Collect lots and lots and lots of notes. Visit model homes and home shows and parade homes. Look through magazines and tear out pictures you love, even if you don’t know why you love them. If something strikes you, save it. Better yet, go to this website and start an “ideabook.” It’s amazingly awesome. 
We’ve had The House in our heads for so long that all the decision-making – which should have been a huge stressor – was actually a big ol’ piece of chocolate cake. Or creme brulee. Or tiramisu. Oh lawdy.  We’d narrow down our choices, then point at one and say, “that one.” Truly, it was that easy. And if we didn’t know right away, we’d call on The Great Creator And Artist and ask what He wanted us to do. And He would tell us.
Most of the time. Last week? Ugh. I was so frustrated. I was trying to pick a wall color for my home office/craft room, and I was completely stuck. As in paralyzed stuck. As in totally confused stuck. Not a good place to be. 
I had decided awhile ago that I wanted cabinets like this:

But I didn’t really care for the butter yellow on the walls. So I thought I’d try a soft blue-grey on the walls. I was going for a soft, soothing, monochromatic thing. I pulled out the paint cards again, narrowed my choices down to two, had the painter make samples of each, then I put them against the wall with the cabinet sample and the trim sample – and I stared at them.
And stared.
And stared.
Why isn’t it obvious?
So I called upon my Facebook friends to help, and they were in favor 7-2 of the darker shade.

(the cabinet won’t actually be this dark, and the distressing/antiquing will be less)

But one of the two dissenting opinions happened to be Traci The Wonder Designer, whose opinion I highly HIGHLY value. 
(Not that I don’t value your opinions, Facebook Friends. I was actually siding with you. But Traci is a pro.)
I was drinking my coffee and reading the paper one morning last weekend, and I happened to come across an article that discussed how to choose a paint color. 
{insert providential angelic chorus}
 Voila! They suggested looking at a page on Sherwin-Williams’ website where you can upload a picture of your room and “paint” it.
This is what I got:

To me, the blue walls just seemed to wash out the entire room. Not the look I had in my head. Granted, it’s a rough picture, but it gave me a better idea of what the room would look like.
So I went with Traci’s advice and chose the Latte, which happens to be the main house color, which means I just saved us some moolah by not choosing an additional paint color. 

Plus it seems to make the cabinets pop.
And I’m all about the pop.

We looked at all the samples together, including the carpet and countertops, and I think it’s going to look great. I think it’s going to work. 
For your further enjoyment, here are a few pictures of unpainted rooms…

 Meghan & Nathan’s window seats and bookshelves

 Broom closet with space for vacuum, mops, brooms & cleaning supplies


 Family room

 Front stairs

 Guest closet

 Summer kitchen – extra seating!

Summer kitchen – grill island

Craft room – peg board and additional upper cabinet. The peg board will be painted the same blue as the cabinets with a white frame around it.

 Fireplace mantle

Meghan’s bathroom mirror
The painters were caulking all last week, and they should start painting tomorrow. Get ready for some big changes, Traci told me. 
(I love Traci. And I love our house. And I love big changes.)
Everything that we can select has been selected and ordered. Now we just wait for it all to be installed and completed.
I’m so happy.

3 thoughts on “Blue by any other name turns out to be Latte

  1. I must tell you that reading this post and seeing the pictures, it made me cry. Big fat crocodile tears. It is nice to see someone that has fought the residency sacrifice war and won! I am truly happy for you. A craft room! Those cabinets! The peg board! What a great dream come true.

  2. So happy too! Now, where did you put those boxes!?! This is likely the LAST time you will have to move! The kids will move in and out but you my friend are moving home for the last time!!!! YEA! 🙂 You must feel such a sense of peace and happiness right now that I can't even imagine!!! So happy for you and Michael! It's been a long road but SO worth it!!!Love to all of you!Gretch

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