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I don’t do ice in a Bucket

Reporting to you today from my cozy chair in front of the space heater…
Seriously, folks? It is colder in Texas today than in Cleveland, according to my BFF. There it is a balmy 26 degrees. Here? Seventeen with a wind chill of -1.
I distinctly remember the day in Iowa when 15 degrees was noticeably warmer…but that was a good 10 years ago, and I’ve lived back in Texas for almost 7, so I think I am officially anti-climatized to cold weather.
(As if “anti-climatized” is actually a word. But you know what I mean.)
Naturally, the schools are all closed today, which I knew would happen when I got out of bed at 4:30 am and heard the sleet coming down and saw the accumulation. I got back in bed and turned off my alarm.
(Why was I awake at 4:30 am? Good question. One I’d love the answer to. I was thinking about all the framed pictures and wall decor we own and wondering where it will all go in the new house. Still haven’t figured it out.)
Even Michael’s office closed today, which is unheard of. That’s how bad the roads are today during The Winter Blast of 2011. Chances are, you are a part of it, too, since this weather system is apparently affecting 38 of our grand 50 states. And if you are in Chicago…I’m so sorry. And I’m so glad I’m not there.
So here we are, family snow day at home, sitting in front of the space heater because whoever built this cute little rental house forgot a simple little thing like insulation and weather stripping.
I’m not planning to go anywhere today. We’ve already spent our obligatory 10 minutes outside in the snow for the obligatory pictures for the scrapbook page that may or may not be completed in the next three years. 

 (in Texas, these are what is known as “snow boots”) : 

Now we’re back inside, as cozy as we can possibly be with no insulation.

I am especially thankful to be stuck inside on a day like today because I don’t want to be driving on icy streets in 30 mph winds in this:
Meet Bucket. Bucket is our rental car for the next week or so while the Loser Cruiser gets a face lift. Remember the Loser Cruiser?

And I never snapped a picture of the latest injury that occurred when Michael backed the van out of the garage and took out the rearview mirror. For the last several months, it has been held together with clear packing tape and folded in, as it was rendered completely non-functional.
Normally, I’m not too big on things. I don’t really care what we have or don’t have and what kind of shape they’re in.  Michael is still driving his 1999 4Runner – which, according to more than one friend, in the most loving way, is a “crap car.”
(I concur. Michael heartily disagrees.)
And the van, which we bought when I was pregnant with Nathan, is well on its way to crap status, if it’s not already there. But we drive our cars until they don’t run anymore. We both drove our high school cars until we had children. Cars just aren’t something we turn over very often.
HOWEVER, sometimes the crap status bugs me. Just a little bit. So when Nathan spilled half a bottle of Vitamin Water onto the floor of the van a few weeks ago, I lost it. Full-blown tantrum from a 37 year old mom is. not. pretty.
(But it can be highly effective.)
(Kids, don’t try this at home. Tantrums are not the preferred method of communicating your needs.)
So since buying a new car to replace the 111K miles on our crappy van is completely unrealistic for us right now, we decided a little bit of body work would be a good compromise.
Hence, The Bucket.
While the van is getting her face lift, we rented the cheapest, smallest car that will hold 3 children and a driver. And such a car contains within its tiny frame POWER NOTHING.
Which is fine.
Meghan’s first question was, “How old is this car?”
(Um, pretty much brand new, sweetums. Not every car has bells and whistles. This one doesn’t even have a plastic party horn.)
They’re getting a huge kick out of rolling down the windows with a handle and having to lock their doors themselves by flipping the little switch every time they get out of the car. Total novelty. 
As for me, I never realized just how many trucks and SUVs are on the road. I’m getting a crick in my neck from straining to look up at them all while I do the Fred Flintstone with my feet and begging them all not to squash me like a bug. It’s a little unnerving.
Which is why I’m thankful to be in my cozy chair next to my space heater in my cozy house with no insulation today instead of on the roads in a tiny non-powered car getting run over by a sliding 4 wheel drive.
The end.

One thought on “I don’t do ice in a Bucket

  1. ok….hold on…i gotta catch my breath from laughing….out.loud. team holzberger lives in an igloo (heat has been "turned up" for the colder weather. it is on 67)…we drive crap cars. one is only 11 years old, the other was new when i was twelve. that's right twelve…i love our space heaters, not sure all three kids would survive the winter without them…and we took the obligatory pics as well…except waaay more. (it is me, after all!) so, thank you friend for having my exact mind today (and often). i love you!!!

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