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Slothfulness must be one step preceding death

Four days.
That’s how long we’ve been stuck inside our house.
We’re all about to gouge out our eyeballs.
We got all this ice on Tuesday, but the temps have stayed in the teens all week. No melting ice, no school. 
For four days.
As much as I love sleeping in and not having to get up at the ripe ol’ hour of 6:15, the uninsulated walls of this cute little house are closing in. We’ve watched movies, played Wii, baked brownies, eaten brownies, played games, watched TV, played Wii, taken naps…which all sounds hunky dory – until you’ve been doing it for 4 days.
Yesterday I finally downloaded a free trial of Netflix to our Wii. We watched movies. For nine hours.
My butt hurts.
Though I did make my kids run laps around the house between movies. Or play Just Dance on the Wii. We’re not complete sloths.
But for some reason, I just can’t get myself up and moving to resemble anything close to productive.
For your enjoyment, I have composed the following visual aid to explain the past four days of my pathetic existence. Here is the view from My Chair:

And right next to my chair as close to me as the power cord will allow:

And, of course, this:

1. Fuzzy socks and fleece pjs. I haven’t gotten dressed since Tuesday.

2. The laptop, aka “my right arm.” Can’t live without it. From this little baby, I have mindlessly surfed the web for patio furniture and barstools, read other people’s blogs (but have not summoned enough brain power to write my own), read the local/national/world news, checked my kids’ grades (even though they haven’t been in school all week…but ya never know), checked to see who has read my blog this week, checked the weather, renewed our library books (since we couldn’t get out of our driveway to return them), and endlessly endlessly endlessly checked Facebook to commiserate with all the other suburban DFW moms who are about to kill their children and themselves if they spend one more second stuck indoors.

After I did all that, I repeated the list.

3, 4 & 5: Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted, and The Amplified Bible. You’d think with all this time on my hands and not having to rush out the door every day, I’d wisely spend my time soaking in and studying The Word, allowing its refreshing truth to wash me clean of all my imperfections and irritations.

Oh, you give me far too much credit.

(Though, looking back on the last 4 days, I certainly could have used a little washing.)

Not that I ignored it completely. I didn’t. But I had this tendency to find other mindless things to do. Like check my kids’ grades.

(And the Veggie Tales Jonah movie was Movie #4 yesterday. Does that count?)

Though, sidenote here, I woke up on Wednesday – or was it Thursday? – morning at 4 a.m., couldn’t go back to sleep, finally got out of bed at 6, and since I was awake and alert, thought I’d spend do some reading and praying during the precious few quiet moments before chaos ensued. It was nice. If I were normally a morning person and could wake up coherent and do that every day and still function for the rest of the day, I’d do this every morning. But I’m not. So I don’t.

6. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – which is what Nathan and I are reading right now. I’d love to tell you that we’ve spent the last 4 days snuggled up together reading – but no. The book has been sitting there for 4 days because one night I didn’t want to get out of my chair and away from the space heater to put him to bed, so I made him go get his book and sit with me. And I’ve been too lazy to put it anywhere else.

(There goes my stellar mom image. Whoops.)

7. Three phones. Yes, three. Two house phones and my iPhone. I’m still not sure how I ended up with the two house phones, but I’m pretty sure somebody brought them to me and I haven’t gotten up out of my chair to put them back on the cradles.

And my iPhone? It never leaves me. So when I’m not texting or talking to Gretchen in balmy Cleveland, and when I’m not on my laptop, I’m playing Words With Friends.

So far this week, I’ve played Pinot, beer, gin, and barf. Care to take a guess at my state of mind?

In the middle of writing this post, we did actually venture out for the first time in four days GLORY HALLELUJAH!!! and went out to The House. I managed to shoot a couple of pics before my camera battery died.

All the stain on the wood is done. The cabinets look amazing. But my battery was already dead by the time we made our way to the kitchen. Sorry.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I need to stand up and stretch before the next movie begins…


2 thoughts on “Slothfulness must be one step preceding death

  1. Shoot. I wanted to see the cabinets! Glad your legs still worked and you were able to make it all the way to the car! 🙂 BJ was out shoveling to clear a space for the storage unit at 8:00 this morning and balmy Cleveland felt like -4. I'm dreaming of a bright blue sunshiny summer! (Thought I'd make a new rendition of a holiday classic since I know you enjoy those so much!!) May the snow melt soon so you can once again meet yourself coming and going!

  2. I am right there with ya sista! If the ice and snow don't melt soon I am gonna blow a gasket! I convinced my hubby to take us all to Target and an early dinner this afternoon just to get us out of the house. We wanted to buy a bluray player so that we, also, could download Netflix. Except that I bought one that isn't WiFi built in and it only uses one specific USB that costs $80 and is only available online. So we are paying for another on demand movie through our normal provider and I will return this money pit machine tomorrow. It felt good to just leave the premisis! I keep having to remind myself that I really don't live in Milwaukee anymore! Chin up honey – you and I can both be productive again next week!

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