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Before I get to the serious stuff, I have to share this with you:

We’re weeks away. So close. Very, very close. We’re hoping we can move in by March 25…mostly because Michael is leaving town for 5 days on March 30, and we have to be out of our rental house by April 1. It seems to us that there is a lot left to do, but everyone on The Team assures us that it’s gonna fly and everything will be done within the next eleven days.
Eleven days.
(I’ll pause and let you absorb those two words for a moment.)
I can hardly believe it. The last four nightmare years are finally coming to a close, and the beginning of our life and ministry in The House is finally beginning.
But it’s a wee bit stressful. (I promise I’m not complaining.) We’re realizing that within eleven days, we have to move. As in packing. As in loading a truck. As in unpacking. And there are all the little details like transferring our phone, cable, internet, utilities. And installing shelf paper.
With all that’s happened in our family during the past three weeks, we reached a decision which oozes wisdom. 
We’re gonna pay someone to move for us.
We’ll pack all the boxes, and there are a few things that we’ll load in the car and drive over ourselves, but the movers will take all the furniture and heavy boxes. Worth every single red penny.
Because after the last three weeks, we’re exhausted. Michael still hasn’t caught up on all the paperwork and dictated all the charts that stacked up while we were out of town for his dad’s funeral. I feel like I haven’t recovered from the week of keeping our 2 year old nephew by myself (which was a blast but absolutely confirmed to us that we are DONE and need to discuss the topic of permanent preventative measures). In the midst of catching up on work and sleep (or at least attempting to do so), the end of the house-building journey is just a wee bit hectic. There are lots and lots and LOTS of last-minute decisions and details to wrap up. Again, not complaining. But it’s just a lot.
I’m going to write a separate post about the serious stuff. Right now, I need to pull out more boxes from the attic and start packing!

One thought on “13…12…11…

  1. OH.MY.GOSH that is so amazing eleven days and your DREAM COMES TRUE!!!! I've been following this exciting journey with you… and I'm SO HAPPY for you!!! When we ever decide to build, I want you to help me! You're going to be paid to be my design assistant because I just LOVE your choices!!! 🙂

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