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A promise fulfilled

Still here. Still bone-tired.
Sorry it’s taken me awhile.
Between all the boxes and Michael’s trip to San Diego and the workmen and the boxes and Michael’s 20th high school reunion and the punch list and the boxes and the landscapers and the boxes and the pool leak and the boxes and Meghan’s math competition in San Antonio and the boxes…well, we’re pooped.
But we’re getting there. Slowly but surely, we’re getting settled.
I spent the entire week just in my craft room, and I’m still not done. But I’m close. I’ve made it down to the piles of “what on Earth is this and why do we still have it?!?” kinds of things. Most of which is headed for the curb. Next on the list: the dining room and guest room (since my mom informed me that we’re hosting Easter dinner this year). Which means that I will be unpacking beautiful serving pieces and candelabras and crystal bowls that we received as wedding gifts 15 years ago and whose glorious radiance hasn’t seen the light of day since. It’ll be like Christmas, I’m sure…Christmas gifts slathered in maroon and forest green purchased in 1995, of course.
Michael asked me last week to name five things about our house that I love the most. Only five? I love everything – everything – about it. I sit on the toilet and think I love our paint. I love the texture on the walls. I love the tile. I love the doorknobs.

(No, really. I do love the doorknobs. Egg-shaped, oil rubbed bronze. They’re perfect.)
We love coming home. We love being home. We love sitting and looking around at what God has entrusted to us.
We’re humbled. And amazed. And so thankful.
We moved in on a Friday, and that next Sunday, our small group from church met in our new home. Almost everyone was there. These are the friends who have prayed with us, prayed for us, held us up when the entire thing was falling apart, rejoiced with us when it came back together, celebrated each new stage of the process. And they all sat together with us in our family room on Sunday night.
As we do every Sunday night, one of our own began playing his guitar, and we sang. We worshipped together, we prayed together, we contemplated, we discussed, we cracked jokes, we rolled with laughter. 
And I was completely overwhelmed.
In this moment we witnessed the fulfillment of a dream, a promise, a vision. This was precisely what God had called us to do – as far back as 19 years ago when we were two stupid kids in love with no idea what lay ahead of us. This is what we had envisioned all along: a place where people come and experience the love of God, to feel welcomed and safe, to know they are loved unconditionally, to know they belong.
And it’s only the beginning. We continue to dream. We long for these rooms to be filled with laughter and comfort and good memories. We look forward to countless celebrations and get-togethers and overnight guests. 
It feels like the beginning of an adventure, a journey, a calling. We can’t wait to share it.

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