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Psychoanalysis, anyone?

I had a dream last night.

I dreamed I was in a college cafeteria – or some sort of cafeteria – following the IRL upcoming birth of my niece, Naomi. But that’s not important. It is important, but not important to the analysis of my dream.

Ugh. I’m so tired.

Anyway, I was in a cafeteria collecting food to eat. I do believe there were cinnamon rolls. But I couldn’t find a tray. So I’m carrying around plates and plates of yummy food, trying to balance them without dropping anything. There is a table right next to the serving line, but I decide against sitting there because it would be too noisy. So I look for a table closer to the middle of the room, and I choose a seat by myself because sitting with anyone else right now would be too much. I need to be alone, and I need a little piece of quiet.

Then my alarm went off. It will only go off nine more times before I am free of an alarm clock for three glorious months.

(Most likely two glorious month and one month of “how many more days til I can send these kids back to school?!?”)

This time of year is crazy. Truly it rivals December. Every year. I kinda hate it. Two field days, two class parties, a school picnic, teacher gifts, two recitals, soccer tournaments, soccer games…and, for good measure, three parties at our house.

I need a tray.


3 thoughts on “Psychoanalysis, anyone?

  1. After I got Tyler out of bed this morning I chanted to myself "Only 7 more days of this" since I am not sending him the last day and we will be in Austin that morning instead. And by the end of the summer I will be ready for him to go back, but for now I am ready for a break too! Hang in there, it isn't much longer!

  2. Try this for dream interpretation:Cafeteria-busy, hectic place with lots of foods(activities) to choose from=busy, hectic pace with the kids with lots of activities going onCinnamon Rolls-comfort food to enjoy slowly and quietly on a lazy morning (we're usually not in a rush when we make cinnamon rolls)=a quiet, slow-paced activity you enjoyNo tray and lots of plates-Harder to handle with no tray, juggling different things to get to where you need to go=trying to get everything done for everyone without a lot of extra helpNoisy table by the line vs quiet table in the middle-Noisy table is living in the hustle and bustle of our current state, quiet table allows you to be alone, gather your thougts, process=you would like to have a piece of quiet to sit down and relax for a minute but just before you get there "ALARM" the next urgent thing has to be done.How's that, sweetie,Love,Hubbie

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