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Hiding in a closet and other tales of drama

I had a great post started for you. High drama involving sitting in a dark closet by myself while we were hosting a party. You would have laughed pretty darn hard at me, then you would have cried because you know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed, then you would have laughed again because we all eventually crawl out of our dark closets and join the party.

But the post is gone. I didn’t save it, and then my computer froze.

I guess I’ll just have to create a little more drama to write about.

Three days of school left, then I SWEAR I will write more. After we’ve survived three class parties, a class picnic, a kindergarten graduation, two award ceremonies, an honor roll breakfast, and a reception at our house.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


2 thoughts on “Hiding in a closet and other tales of drama

  1. See?! THAT is the trouble with being blessed with an awesome house and pool ideal for hosting events.It was once said that I has the spiritual gift of hospitality. That was before I had any sense of boundaries and cynicism. Which is likely why I still don't have my ideal house and pool…. Because I'm not at all inclined anymore toward hospitality.

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