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I’d wax nostalgic if I could remember what happened…

We survived.

My mom called me Friday afternoon and asked for a recap of the last week of school, and I couldn’t remember. It’s all a little bit of a blur.

But we survived.

I was talking with some other moms this week about our kids graduating from kindergarten, and we agreed that the preschool years seemed to creep by so slowly, but once the little monsters get into school, the time whizzes by us at warp speed. I believe that is due to how much a baby/toddler/preschooler needs his mama. Constantly. Somebody always needs something that only mama can provide. And it’s exhausting.

And then they don’t need you so much.

About the same time, they throw themselves into sports and dance and music and scouts and choirs, and you spend your days driving a beat-up minivan all over town. You spend your days hurrying them along to the next activity and making sure their homework is done and their chores are done – and before you know it, they’re finishing the school year you swear started only yesterday.

I was thinking about the craziness of the school-age years (particularly this past year) when my sweet friend, Sarah, who has preschoolers of her own, sent me this. (I’m trying really hard not to be jealous of this blogger’s eloquence and writing talent. So good.) I don’t think I would want to repeat those years – I do enjoy my kids’ independence – but I kinda wish I would have enjoyed it more. I wish I would have been a little more patient and a little more relaxed. I wish I would have played more games and colored more pictures.

But now my kids can dress themselves and feed themselves and wipe their own butts. They don’t require naps or diapers or sippy cups. So I’m good.

Happy summer, y’all.


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