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The Hairy Truth (untrimmed)

Have you seen Mamapedia? If you are a mom, especially one with young kids, they have a wealth of information and advice. Love them.

I’ve been one of their “voices” for a couple of years, and this weekend they posted one of my pieces. If you’ve been around The Couch for a while, you might remember it.

I’m trying to let go of the fact that somehow they published the original version instead of my edited, peer-reviewed, and re-edited version that was much, much better. Letting go. Not a big deal. Really. If “Hairy” shows up in my hypothetical book, I’ll make sure the rewritten version gets in. Let. It. Go. Aaargh.

In any case, hop on over to Mamapedia and soak in all the mamafied wisdom.


One thought on “The Hairy Truth (untrimmed)

  1. I read it this weekend! It was great, and bittersweet, knowing that the kids do grow up & mine will too. Since I have boys, they'll ask Daddy how to shave, but I'll be in the bathroom, probably taking unwanted photos & tearing up. So cool that you've been one of their voices for so long! I've recently submitted some posts… finger's crossed! Love Mamapedia!

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