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About me

Hi. I’m Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a late-30s 40s wife and mom, and these days it seems like my job is taking care of everyone else. Which is fine. I’ve been married since 1995 to my best friend, Michael, who is a pediatric ophthalmologist. We met in college, got married during his winter break of his first year of med school (married on a Friday night, back in class on Tuesday morning, followed by four years of med school, one year internship, three years residency, one year fellowship)…and between then and now has been one. crazy. ride. I wouldn’t change a thing – though I wouldn’t jump at a chance to repeat it. 

So here we are in Fort Worth, Texas, loving our life with our three kids: Meghan, Griffin, and Nathan. When I’m not in the car, I love to sit back and observe life, hopefully learn a little bit, and write about it. The older I get, the more I realize how much I will never understand and how many of my questions about life will never be answered, and I’m learning to be okay with that. I am madly in love with and equally perplexed by the God of the universe, and while I can’t understand how He could love and repeatedly forgive my daily screw-ups, I’m thankful that He has given me the gift of words and a heart for honesty and authenticity. My hope and prayer is that He will breathe through me into your heart to make you laugh, bring you joy & hope, and know that He loves you, too.


what do you think?

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