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About the Couch

I began this blog simply as a creative outlet. I’m a writer with an English degree, and I had no outlet for writing. I needed to write.

Along the way, I started writing articles for the newsletter of my local MOPS (of which I was a member) in a column titled “From The Corner of My Couch.” I came up with that title the summer before while visiting my very best friend and her family. The two of us have spent hours and hours and hours sitting on a couch talking while our kids play, and we talk about everything under the sun – marriage, mothering, faith, family – all with humor and authenticity.

(You can read the full birth story of the column here.)

From that newsletter column and the stories that emerged evolved this blog. It’s sometimes insightful, sometimes random, sometimes ridiculous – but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

And please leave a comment. Especially if you’re a nice, sweet, generous reader. Because writers are really tortured souls who need constant affirmation that they are not making a huge mistake in bearing their deepest thoughts to the world. So a short “great post!” will go a long way in preventing my long jump off a short bridge.


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